How do LoraTap wireless transmitters work?

LoraTap Wireless switches no need wires. Press the button (ON/OFF) on the switch key panel  to send a radio signal to receivers within range (within 100 feet). It can control lights or other electrical loads.

What’s LoraTap products’ advantage comparing to wired system?

Cost saving, because LoraTap products do not require copper wire, labor costs associated with running wire, labor costs involved in cutting and repairing wall, installing LoraTap products is often comparable in cost or even cheaper than installing a traditional wired system. LoraTap products especially excel in cutting the cost of systems which would have required a large fee for the labor involved in installation. By helping to reduce energy consumption, LoraTap products also help you to save money on utilities.

More comfortable and convenient for your life than the wired system, remote control your lights or devices anywhere you need.

More flexible, easy to add or relocate a switch where need it like stairways, basements, closets, detached garages. There is no need to fish wires, knock through walls, or add expensive wiring.

How long do LoraTap products last?

LoraTap products come with a 2-year warranty, and are rated to operate for a lifespan of 20 years.

Can LoraTap wireless products be used to control devices other than lights?

Yes! See receiver technical data, as long as the other devices input voltage and Maximum power is compatible with receiver technical data.

Are LoraTap products have FCC approved?

Yes. All LoraTap products are FCC & CE approved.

How long do LoraTap products take to install?

Easily within minutes to install.

How the user get to program LoraTap product?

Simply follow the installation guide shipped with the product.

For light switch kit, programming is as simple as pressing a LEARN button on the receiver and then pressing the button ‘ON’ on the corresponding transmitter.

For light dimmer and adapter kit, press the ‘ON’ button on the switch continuously for 3 times upon the light or the adapter power status turn from off to on.

How many switches can a receiver respond to? How many receivers can a switch communicate with?

1 Receiver can learn up to 10 switches. A switch can control over 100 receivers within range which have been programmed to respond to the switch.

What kind of range do LoraTap products have?

LoraTap products typically achieve a range of about 100 feet(30 m). This distance can be extended to 300 feet(90 m) if control outdoor.

Can the wireless signals from LoraTap switches reach receivers through walls and other barriers?

Generally, receivers can sense signals through one or two walls, but range will be reduced by such obstacles. It is advisable to test the switch in a location before final installation.

Can these devices be used around metal?

Yes, LoraTap wireless light switches and receivers can be used around metal; however, range may be significantly reduced. Metal tends to reflect and distort radio waves. To maximize range, use non-metallic cover plates and electrical boxes or mount outside metallic enclosures.

Will interference activate the light? Will other switches accidentally activate my light?

No. Each LoraTap wireless light switch communicates by sending a unique RF packet to the receiver(s). Each packet contains coded information that is only related to that particular light switch. No two light switches will transmit the same packet.

Do LoraTap wireless products have a delay between when a switch is pressed and the light is turned ON/OFF?

There is no perceptible delay between the time a switch is pressed and the light turns ON/OFF.

How well do LoraTap products blend with their surroundings once installed?

The receivers small enough to stow nicely behind the light or be put in the wiring box,. Switches are designer, fashionable. With LoraTap, you get both form and function.