Technical Support

QUICK RESPONSE – If you need more technical details of our products, please send e-mail to We will reply you in 24 hours.

FREQUENCY – The default frequency of our products is 868Mhz / 915Mhz, we can also change the frequency of the product, if you have a special requirement for the frequency in your region.

CUSTOM PROTOCOL – We can change our product’s wireless protocol, if you want to integrate our products into your existing product system (or if you want our wireless protocol to be consistent with your current wireless protocol) . Our professional RF engineers can provide technical support.

WORK WITH YOUR PRODUCTS – If you want to use our switch to control your current lighting (such as: light bulbs, Strip Lights, Ceiling Lights) and other equipment, we can provide hardware support and assist you in debugging.

OEM / ODM SERVICE – If you want to have your own unique product design, we can also provide such service.